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Ingenious improvisations

I met a craggy, old biker/hobo on my way to Jupiter, FL. He had been wandering around for years and testified that he wasn't homeless because he didn't need a home. He lived off the land, off his wits and his $300/month army pension. His bicycle was a dual suspension mountain bike from Walmart. Since he couldn't find a rack, he wedged the fork of another bike into a hole in the frame near the seatpost (see below). He created a handlebar extension system so he could recline while he rode. The right side consisted of on bar end attached near the center of the handlebars and another attached to it. The left side used an old wheelie-cooler handle that was tied on with a shoelace (see below).

He loves riding through Florida because "it's flat as a turd."

Location:NE 57th St,Miami,United States

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  1. When you say rack, you mean the thing that connects to a basket in front? HAve you seen any of these on your travels? I want one. http://www.dogpoweredscooter.com/