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What do I do when I ride my bike?

I'm usually on my bike for 6-9 hours a day. A lot of people ask me how I keep myself from getting bored. I do get bored. I can't listen to music because I have to listen for cars. I can't draw while I ride (yet). I get very bored.

Usually, I talk to myself, either out loud or in my head. Once in a while, I sing. I make up stupid little songs about roadkill or girls in Brooklyn or food. Sometimes, I run out of things to talk about. I zone out. I try to erase my mind. Trying think about nothing is really hard. Inevitably, that chore gives me something something to mull over. It's can be a vicious cycle.

I'm thinking of getting a harmonica.


  1. If the timing is right, I want to ride with you for a couple of days when you come out west. I could accompany your harmonica with my mouth harp that I will learn to play.

  2. you need a harmonica with the strap that keeps it around your head, look, no hands!