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Cardboard Signs

I've met/seen a lot of people using cardboard signs. They use these signs to communicate a need, desire or dream. Some are selling things, some are asking for things and some are just trying to get somewhere. People have a lot of names for these sign holders; hitch-hikers, hobos, bums and beggars.

Here are some signs I've seen.

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  1. Eric C. Adam Owens told me about this site, about you, and I guess everything else spoke for itself. I want to give you a thumbs up for doing what you're doing. I know everyone says that, but .. fuck, at least we all mean it.

    I've been living in my car in Tallahassee, FL since the start of 2011 and then I was going to hike 500 miles of the AT. Small in scope compared to what you're doing, but we share similar motivation as far as I can tell.

    Anywho, I just thought I'd drop you a comment since I took some time to check out your site. I'll be passing it on, too. This is great stuff.


    The White Flag Hero