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What do I eat?


On an average day, I ride between 75 and 100 miles. Because of this I eat. I eat a lot. Usually around 6,000 calories a day. I often feel like I can eat anything.

Sometimes, I do.

At a party I ended up at in Philly, I started chatting with a fellow artist there. They pulled a watermelon out of thin air and gave it to me.

I was excited about the offering, but it soon became too much of a burden to carry (literally). I ate the whole thing for breakfast the next day.

Space is limited on the bike. I live off of small things I can get at grocery stores or gas stations. Sometimes the selection is limited.

I’ve been cooking a little bit on the road. Natalie, a train hopper/bicycle traveller I met in Greensboro, showed me how to make this simple stove out of two aluminum cans. It took me a little while to perfect, but it works great. You can find various instructions online, just google “penny alcohol stove."

When riding, it’s necessary to eat something every hour to keep my energy level up. I’ve developed a few snacks on my own that are quick and easy. Here’s one that works great, I still don’t know what to call it.

I’m a big fan of MRE’s (military rations). I have a lot of friends/family in the service, so that helps. Thanks guys :)

Eating out is a rarity, but if I can find a cheap all-you-can-eat buffet, I jump on it. I especially like visiting friends who go to/work at colleges. Their cafeterias are supreme. While visiting my friend/former boss Aziz at ASU in Phoenix, this was my lunch one day:

I’m also a pancake monster. Often when crashing someone, I make a big batch of pancakes for them before I leave (I eat a lot of them). If you’re along the way and put me up for a night/feed me, I’ll make some hearty flapjacks from scratch with my SECRET RECIPE. They’re bonafide.

I’ve learned to pinch pennies till boogers pop out of Abe Lincoln’s nose, but food is still my biggest expense. I usually get by on a few dollars a day or sometimes less. If I reach my funding goal, I’ll be eating a little heartier and healthier. If you have any advice, I’m all ears.

In my mini comic series “Killing Time and Space,” I have an entire volume dedicated to food on the road. It’s filled with recipes, detailed stove instructions, dumpster diving tips and a couple short stories. Kickstarter backers who pledge $10 or more will receive one volume of their choice! Snapshots coming soon!

Click on the Kickstarter link on the right to find out how to support the trip!

Oh, and here’s a sandwich drawing.

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